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We continue to work safely to protect the health of all of us

In full sense of responsibility and safety for all its employees, Fral continues to supply its customers

In accordance with the new Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers signed last March 22, which, in order to stem the spread of the epidemiological emergency linked to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), introduced further restrictive measures regarding industrial and commercial production activities as well as personal mobility, Nevertheless, Fral in full sense of responsibility and safety for all its employees continues to supply its customers engaged in the supply of portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers for the food industry, but especially for field hospitals created by the various civil protections of the individual states in order to increase the capacity of places for intensive care and not.

Fral continues its operations with pre-sales and after-sales services, activating and encouraging smart working for majority of technical and administrative staff wherever possible.

Thanks to the headquarters in China and the worldwide capillarity of Fral customers, we have been able to overcome the economic uncertainty in the old continent.

Stay strong, stay positive, and never give up.