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With more than 25 years of history today Fral is an industrial leader in the world in the field of drying and dehumidification. Dehumidifiers Fral and their industrial applications are the highest expression of talent and Italian design, and technology functional result of experience and creativity.
Elegant design and versatility of the models, functional mechanics and electronics of the machines, silence and efficiency even at low temperatures and humidity resistance and low power consumption: these are the most important features of all products.

A dehumidifiers is a machine which removes the humidity from the rooms; this humidity is originated from the sources described here below: the relative humidity which is present in a room is represented by the balance of the humidity entering into a room (see below), which can be related or not with the relative humidity present in the room and the humidity removed by the dehumidifier which, instead, always related with the room relative temperature and humidity.
The dehumidifier, in its basis concept, is just a monoblock conditioner in which the room air, after passing through the evaporator (cold coil battery) where it is cooled and dehumidified (reduces the specific humidity, but it increases the relative humidity), passes then through the condenser (the warm coil battery) where it is heated up , thus strongly diminishing the relative humidity.
Practically, the balance conditions (relative humidity) are those obtained when the humidity entering into the room is equal to that humidity which can be removed by the machine.

The dehumidifier is a refrigerating cycle machiner: its functioning is based on a physical principle according to which the air, coming into contact with a cooled surface, it wets the surface by covering it with humidity in the form of condensed drops. What really happens is that a refrigerating machine maintains in a refrigerated state the coil through which is conveyed the incoming air that, in this way, is cooled and dehumidified. Then the air, passing through a warm heat-exchanger, heats up and returns in the room dehumidified and at a slightly higher temperature.

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FRAL is a point of reference in the industry: thanks to its team of highly skilled, creative and attentive professionals, it is able to boost customer loyalty by understanding their needs and offering appropriate and innovative product solutions, all supported by quality service and driven by the shared goal of daily growth.
To be Italy’s leading company in the global market for dehumidification and special air-conditioning systems. To be universally appreciated for its characteristic style which improves people’s behaviour, encouraging them to pursue excellence.

“Fral is an Italian company, located near Venice, in fast and constant expansion which can be very aggressive and competitive in the global market,.thanks also to its own new 'Fral China' factory and to its wide range of products covering all sectors of dehumidification.”


The air is a mix of various gas, in particular Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Anhydride and watery vapour.
At standard room temperatures (0°C – 30 °C), the quantity of water in the form of vapour which can be present in the air, is only of few grams per cubic meter.
The atmospheric air may contain only one certain quantity of watery vapour; when it exceeds this quantity, you have the formation of fog, that is, very tiny drops of water floating in the air.
When the watery vapour, contained in the air, reaches its max. possible level, the air is called saturated air, meaning that it has 100% of Relative Humidity. 
This max. possible quantity of watery vapour in the air, called saturated air, varies according to the different temperatures : it is approx. 4 grams per cubic meter at O °C and of 24 grams at 25 °C. 
The Relative Humidity of a room is the ratio between the watery vapour quantity that is actually contained in the air and the quantity that the same would contain (at the same temperature), if it would be saturated , that is having 100 % of Relative Humidity. 
This ratio is expressed in percentage. We could say that if at 25 °C , 1 cubic meter of saturated air contains 24 grams of vapour, at the same temperature one cubic meter of water having 50% R.H. will contain 24×50/100=12 grams.


The R.H. in the room should range between 40 and 65%. Lower values, which can be obtained during the winter in heated rooms, may cause following problems: harsh dry throat, damages of electronic appliances, shrinking of vegetables, fruits, of paper and woods: in these cases, may be necessary to make the opposite operation of humidifying the rooms by using different systems such as a small water container on the radiator or humidifiers functioning with electric heating or with ultrasonic system.
However, the most difficult problem to solve is just the opposite, that is, an excess of relative humidity in the air.
High Relative humidity over 70-75 % in the long term may cause following problems:
1) Proliferation of micro-organisms such as moulds and bacteria, etc. with the ensuing bad smells;
2) Formation of water condensation on the cold surfaces such as glass windows, floors and walls;
3) Some uneasy physical feeling, especially when combined with high temperatures, which manifests itself n heavy sweating, blood pressure changes, etc.;
4) Increase of diseases concerning the respiratory system, disc pathologies and arthrosic – rheumatic problems;
5) Deformation of wood;
6) Deterioration of organic substances such as paper, foodstuff, vegetables, fruits, etc.;
7) Ill-functioning and damaging of electronic and mechanical appliances 
8) Difficulties in the drying process of cloths, walls and pavements.


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Over 20 years of history, 20 years of challenges and evolution. 
Always driven by the original animal feeling for innovation, quality and service, Fral is now an important industrial reality appreciated all over the world. Versatility of models and elegant design, functional mechanics and electronics of its machines, silently and efficiently working also at very low temperature and humidity, durability and low consumption: these are the main features of all products. 
Fral dehumidifiers and the other industrial appliances are the expression of Italian talent and design, and of a functional technology resulting from a mix of long experience and creativity. Fral is an Italian company, located near Venice, in fast and constant expansion which can be very aggressive and competitive in the global market,.thanks also to its own new ‘Fral China’ factory and to its wide range of products covering all sectors of dehumidification.