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PROFESSIONAL DEHUMIDIFIERS Professional dehumidifiers Info request Portable dehumidifiers suitable for civil and residential use. The focus on design is perfectly combined with the research on reliability and toughness. SWIMMING POOLS DEHUMIDIFIERS Swimming pools dehumidifiers Info request Designed for public and private environments where also the aesthetic side is important. Combine design and reliability. Designed to work in environments swimming pools with the highest efficiency, can be provided with hot water battery and electrical resistances. INDUSTRIAL DEHUMIDIFIERS Industrial dehumidifiers Info request A group of products able to dehumidify any industrial situation. These products goes from 50 lt/24h up to 2000 lt/24h.
Available in low temperature version (under 0°) and in the version with the temperature control.
PORTABLE CONDITIONERS Portable conditioners Info request High-capacity portable air conditioning units, provided with an external unit can be positioned up to 30m away from the central body and equipped with the connecting pipes with glycol fast connection. DOMESTIC DEHUMIDIFIERS Domestic dehumidifiers Info request Reliable dehumidifiers that are thought for home and office. They conserve a lot of energy and last for years. The units can be equipped with an electric resistance and ionizer. ABSORPTION DEHUMIDIFIERS Absorption dehumidifiers Info request Professional dehumidifiers suitable for use in environments where temperatures below are 0°C, and for very low dew-point values down to -60°C dpt. FAN COIL Fan coil Info request The Fan Coils can be connected quickly and easily to the Chiller unit, Heat Pump unit or Boiler unit for a complete cooling or heating solution. ROOFTOP AIR CONDITIONER Rooftop air conditioner Info request Rooftop units air conditioner were designed to be easy to install, maintain, and operate.