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Whistleblowing - Reporting potential violations or irregularities

Promoting transparency and integrity

We believe that a company’s success is not only measured by its financial results, but also by building an ethical and transparent working environment in which each individual feels responsible for preserving shared values.

This is why we have created a secure online space in which to send totally anonymous reports in compliance with European regulations.

The main way of reporting is through the website a platform for reporting alleged wrongdoing that guarantees the anonymity of the reporter, in accordance with the relevant European and national legislation.

It is also possible, alternatively, to submit reports in the following ways

  • by email to;
  • by ordinary mail: Fral Srl – via dell’Industria e dell’Artigianato 23, 35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD).

Reports received through the web platform are assessed by the Fral contact person for Whistleblowing, who will investigate and provide feedback to the sender according to the terms provided by law.

The platform does not employ any kind of tracking technology and does not record any identification of access locations. In this way, the complete anonymity of the whistleblower is guaranteed if he or she decides not to disclose his or her identity.