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Activities such as dispatch centres, stores, warehouses, garages and tool shelters may be subject to substantial economic and material damage due to an uncontrolled humidity levels.

Too high a relative humidity value can cause the following problems:

  • Damage to water-sensitive materials
  • Proliferation of bacteria and appearance of mould
  • Presence of condensation on the windows and walls
  • Deterioration of products and of the building structure
  • Heavy, unbreathable air for the operators and customers

Installing a FRAL dehumidifier provides for maintaining the required relative humidity value so as to prevent condensation forming and hence the occurrence of the damage and problems reported. FRAL dehumidifiers have low operating and maintenance costs. They can be installed directly in a warehouse or technical room. The relative ambient humidity value is controlled with a dehumidistat which allows the automatic operation of the dehumidifier. In warehouses where it is necessary to control temperature, industrial FRAL TCR models are available for managing humidity and temperature, or portable FRAL Air Conditioners are available just for cooling.